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Fall 2016

Junior Art Exhibition 

Nostalgia has a great power to invoke past bliss, hope, and happiness. Often, for me, nostalgia can be linked with objects of my past. These objects are special to me because they remind me of people and moments that gave me joy. Nostalgia is important to our present because it helps us to understand our own personal identity. We learn how far we have come and yet how important our past was in the process of shaping who we are today.


This project was created in two different mediums. The first medium is watercolor painting series. The series is a collection of five to ten watercolor paintings which depict motion or animation. These watercolor series will be used as a reference for a GIF animation, the second medium. Both these watercolor series and GIFS highlight the aspects of themselves, which make these items so important to me.


These items are important to me, because of the people who gave them to me and their imperfect qualities. Most of the items that I have chosen are broken, imperfect, or old. But these imperfections are what make them special to me. These imperfections remind me of how everyone is different, some days, because of your difference, you can feel inferior; but truly this difference it what makes everyone unique and important.

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